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Newspaper Clippings From Concerts & Master Classes

"Activity is better than inertia. You can go to the moon. It's just figuring out what to play and the mileage..."

The Baltimore Sun

"Burman seemed to perform the impossible, alternating rapid-fire tabla manipulation with konakul, a vocal percussion, as he played beautifully..." 

Chicago Sun Times

"Sandip Burman, an Indian tabla player, infused the mix with mesmerizing streams of hand hewn beats."

Boston Globe

"Driven by Sandip Burman's fine tabla playing, the album showcases Wubbenhorst's sumptuous tone and impressive chops..." 

Rhythm Music Magazine

"Their complex rhythms underscore and add interest to a variety of authentic Indian percussion renderings..."

David A. Young, Music

"A Moment So Close," one of several tunes featuring the remarkable playing and rhythmic vocalizing of tabla master Sandip Burman (an "Outbound" guest), built its appeal on elements of funk, Indian and Middle Eastern flavorings, and a pop-friendly chorus." 

Billboard Magazine

"The more traditional and complex rhythms of the tabla, played by virtuoso Sandip Burman, but with enough Western instrumentation to make these compositions truly captivating throughout..." 

New Age Retailer

"Equally competitive were their Indian counterparts, Mr. Sandip Burman, who was introduced as someone who has been all around the world so much that there was a joke that he lived on the plane..." 

The Hindu

"Burman plays tabla throughout, contributing some of the Eastern flavor of the music. Then, as tablas and cymbals add to the mix, the music becomes ever more exotic and mysterious..."

David Dohrmann, Music Reviews


"Tabla blend magnificently with guitar, bass and percussion..." 

The New Times


"The second portion of the program featured a raga mala in roopak tal of seven beats which was definitely exciting and wonderfully accepted by the audience. A short tabla solo by Sandip Burman was quite powerful and brought the audience into some excited applause toward the end of the program..." 

India Journal

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